Wednesday, April 21, 2010

GFu Day 2- Metabolic Syndrome & Low Carb Raw

Today, I talk about Metabolic Syndrome, and what it means for certain type of metabolizers. I have realized that the same diet will not work the same for all people. During this challenge, I am committing myself to switching my diet out to a high raw diet that is low in carbohydrates compared to a typical raw food diet. I will be replacing the nuts and seeds that my body cannot digest with pastured eggs, raw milk, raw buttermilk, raw butter, kefir, and anything else that will help turn my fat burning mechanism back into high gear!


Anonymous said...

Good for you Bunny. It's true about the definition of insanity. A particular eating plan is only good for you if it's GOOD FOR YOU. Keep experimenting until you find the right thing for your body. Thanks for the info about metabolic syndrome. I've got a big gut too!

FarmSchooler said...

WAAAAYYY COOL Bunny. Im going over now to "My Page" to post my favorite Ranch Dressing recipe. Im REALLY looking forward to this summer and all the healing I know is going to happen for both you AND *I*

Chat soon :o)

Anonymous said...

You GO girl!

chasmyn said...

Bunny, my bunny. It is so funny to me how I can be away from you for this long, and then one day come back and we pick up right where we left off...on the same page.

We have very similar body types and have followed a very similar path n treating it thus far. I, too, have found a bit of cooked (particularly in winter) and raw animal foods to be much more balancing, and have lately been contemplating cutting down to one serving of fruit per day (in a green smoothie). I have been noticing that when I let the fruit creep in to more servings, the cravings for sugar return, and I am again hosting more candida than is healthy.

Even on zero processed food. I am just out of balance enough that I really need to take a long period of time to rebalance, then I can again explore balanced eating. I might even have to cut my one serving, I'm just not quite there yet. We shall see.

Blessings, Bunny.