Monday, April 19, 2010

Okay, So Here Goes...

Today, I talk about what I am going to be working on during this challenge, and how excited I am about turning my body into a fat burning machine! I am ready for my physical transformation.

This was not an easy video to make, or an easy post to write. I know that this will rock the boat with some people here on RawFu, and in the raw food community at large. But you have to remember that only I can be my own health advocate, and right now, my main focus is to change my relationship with the raw food lifestyle, and to burn as much adipose fat as fuel as possible with diet and exercise. Like Rory said, I am going to give myself the care and love that I would give any person who came to me in this situation.

One thing I have learned is that one diet does not always work the same way in every person. I'm open to exploring what is going to work best for me, and what is going to nourish me physically, and also helping me break some of the raw food mental traps that I have created over the past two years.

Duringthis challenge, I will be lowering my percentage of raw foods in order to try to find some balance in my life, and to stop obsessing about food. I am looking forward to everything I have to learn.

Here are links to some information about the 51% raw food theory.


Angela Stokes:

David Wolfe claims that even if your diet consists of 51 percent raw organic foods, your body will build a stronger immune system, and also tolerate up cooked food without treating it as a foreign invader. I heard him lecture about this in my Institute of Integrative Nutrition course.


FarmSchooler said...

Couldnt agree more BB :o) All things in moderation. I may just come back along for this one.

Candice Davis said...

Bunny, I'm so with you on this. I know that a reduced Raw percentage is difficult FOR ME, because I have to be so careful about that other 49%. So would I let someone talk me into doing it? Nope. And I'm super glad you're not being swayed by any pressure, real or perceived, to make superhuman efforts to be all Raw or High Raw. How are you gonna know if any reasonable method works until you try it? Give it your best shot, girl. Rootin for you all the way, no matter what the path.

Glenda said...

Oh Bunny; I'm so very happy to hear you're doing this and that I'm not the only one who can't lose weight on a 100 % raw food diet. I've gotten SO down on myself because nothing seems to work...I think I'm going to stop trying to be perfect and just try to be healthy. Thank you Bunny and I hope this works out great for you!

shanna said...

hi bunny. been a while since i visited your blog. happy to see you back here! :)

i just got the new book "going raw" by brenda davis and vesanto melina. both are registered dieticians. they classify any diet as 50% or more as a raw eating style. anyway, the book is GREAT. i am learning a lot.

i also follow Dr. Joel Fuhrman's Eat to Live plan--I do the vegan version. it can be done 50% or more raw (he recommends lots and lots of raw nonstarchy veggies, fruits, and greens greens greens). i've had tremendous success on that (down another 15 since january 1).

anyway, good luck! i'll be reading along to learn from you, as usual.