Friday, May 23, 2008

5-23-08 Big Plans

5-23-08 Big Plans
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Basil and I have spent the last two days planning out the next 12 months. We've got 25 goals on the dining room walls, but by the end of the weekend there can be only 10.

I hope Basil votes for "Go 2 Paris". C'mon, Paris!


Antony Heaven said...

I don't know what the other 24 goals might be, but Paris has got to have a strong chance! I'll keep my raw fingers crossed for you :-)

Anonymous said...

I came over here from Penni's sight a couple weeks back. LOVE it here. Thanks so much for being upfront and real! Today marks day 1 of completely raw for me. I've been progressing towards it. I'm not commiting to a great number like 100 or anything (it may change though) but I am commiting to 4 full weeks, 28 days.