Monday, June 9, 2008

Day 57 of 100 Day Raw Food Challenge

Today I take you on a trip to Manoa Farmer's Market.


Penni said...

The produce at the farmer's market all looked amazing. I still hope you do a little food prep/cooking video soon!


HiHoRosie said...

Yummy! Everything looked great! And love the orchids (my fave). How neat to have one of those growing in your backyard. Thanks for sharing your travels and experiences with us.

Jason said...

Dear Bunny! That was so totally totally cool to be there at the market w/you. You're looking very relaxed and chill. I think you are in your element on HI! :)

I visited Hawai'i for the first time last April for a wedding (Kaua'i), loved it...and was bummed I couldn't go to one of the local sunshine farmer's markets with my other friends b/c I had to pick up my friend who was flying in. Well, this trip with you and your camera was just what I needed to relive the experience I had missed out on. Now I know what to expect to next time I go - can't wait. Those avos and mangos looked soooooooooo good my mouth was watering. I live in norther california (bay area) and as you may know on most of the mainland, I hear they heat treat the mangoes (by dipping them in hot water) you find in the grocery stores, even the organic ones, so technically they might not be 100% raw? Anyway, so nice to see really fresh from the tree ripened mangoes. I did have a truly ripe mango once at a raw food potluck; a man brought them with him from florida and shared them with everybody. Wowzers the taste was just far SUPERIOR to any other heat-treated mango I've tasted in my past! TEAM RAW BABY!!!

I second what PENNI said, I can't wait to see your food prep demo!

steph said...

woah! are you filming while driving??? how did you not kill anyone?! multitasking much? ;)

steph said...

omg, those avocados look amazing. and so cheap! I'm also enthralled by the idea of local sea veggies. wow.

did they have palm fruits there? little dark brown snake-looking nut things with a yummy white nut inside?

Lesley Anne said...

If you find some mountain apples while your there you should def try them! The look like red upside down pears but they taste like a crisp sweet apple/pear mix.

I have found them at the swap meet in Oahu and at the farmers market. I also love the mini bananas-they are super!

Wendi Dee said...

It's so fun seeing Hawaii with you! You are a walking advertisement for the Hawaii tourism office! :-)

When you held up those long beans, I thought they were garlic scapes and my mouth started to water. All of that food looked so fresh and yummy--I wanted an entire box of those avocados! YUM!

So, I hope you'll let us know what you made with all of your goodies! Did you get any of the flowers? How cool that you one time had orchids growing in your back yard (that is what you said, right?!). They are so beautiful!

Thanks for sharing, Bunny!

Lots of love to you,


Michelle said...

Love the Hawaii trip! I am not sure if I missed it but I would love to know more about you living in Hawaii and how you ended up back on the mainland. It has always been my dream to live in Hawaii so I would love to know why you left.

Have a great trip!


Isle Dance said...

Such pretty flowers. Do you feel homesick for HI being back there?

Anonymous said...

You are a one woman wonder - a travel guide, a chef, a nutrition inspiration, a comedian, a video time I want to tag along!