Thursday, June 19, 2008

Day 68 of 100 Day Raw Food Challenge: RANT

Today I go to the dermatologist to have the biopsy done on my leg, and well, I just have to share the rash with all of you! The appointment did not go as planned.

Warning: There is foul potty mouth and rash footage in this video. If you are offended by either, I would just wait until tomorrow's video and tune in again.


Anonymous said...

Ugh, I feel your frustration!
Try this instead of that ointment...take raw honey and mix about 1/4 tsp. in the palm of your hand with a tiny pinch of sea salt and fresh water. Make a very thin, watery fluid. Apply it to your legs and allow it to dry onto your legs and remain on there at least 30 minutes, over night if you can handle it. It might get itchy, you can touch a little more water on top of it to water it down a little more if you want. You can also wash it off with warm water before going to bed too, or put socks over them...raw honey is amazing! I have seen leg and face skin conditions heal within 1-7 days. I had results within one day and all better in a harm in trying it :) and NO CHEMICALS woohoo! :) My dermatologist was amazed and took notes to tell others about it...their creams did NOT work on my skin, and I later was told about how they put a person at high risk of cancer! Good grief! Try raw honey :) Stacy

HiHoRosie said...

I'm pissed off right along with you! Wow, I cannot belief that doctor. Doctors as a whole are getting more and more stupid I have to say. No bedside manners, no real insight or helpful advice. It's always huh? if you suggest anything or they make you feel stupid or that your visit is a complete waste of time or they're rushing you out of there (okay, they make you wait for an hour before they see you and then you only see them, like you said, for maybe 2 mins). Oh and thanks doc for the ointment vs cream clarification! That really helped! Grr.

So sorry to hear this didn't go as planned. You should try Stacy's raw honey treatment. has to be better than the ointment.

Viv said...

Hi Bunny,

I feel your frustration. I have had it with traditional medicine!! The doctors are mostly salesmen for the pharmaceutical industry. It's a racket!

“Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food -Hippocrates." How far the medical establishment has wandered!

I wouldn't even use the ointment. It will end up in your bloodstream. Keep checking online and see what you can find. I'll let you know if I come across something that might help.

Hang in there you raw Bunny!


Bunny Berry said...

Oh, I waited for an hour in the waiting room, listening to local radio with ads screaming at me the entire time.

I found out later from my mother that this is the same dermatologist that my grandfather (Papa Jack, RIP) got so mad at that he practically swore off doctors completely after a few visits. Luckily Papa Jack was healthy as a horse and lived to be in his 80s, despite smoking and drinking every day of his life.

No wonder the office looked like a morgue with no artwork or anything on the walls. The guys is probably hanging on to every octogenarian patient and insurance claim he can get.

Viv said...

Correction-I should have said orthodox western medicine or something like that because ancient medical practices are referred to as traditional medicine.


Viv said...

haha-a morgue, probably not far from the truth!

HiHoRosie said...

You know something could be said (but maybe not always true) for offices that decorate as opposed to barren walls, looking like a morgue type office. Because it seems if they try to make their waiting rooms comfortable for their patients then hopefully that means they care for the well-being of those patients too. They should at least pretend they care! Just sayin

Lindsay said...

Hi Sweetheart --

Most Naturopaths in your area will do a simple blood-test to find out if you are Celiac... You don't need to biopsy the rash. All you need to do is ask. :)

Just remember all is well: it's all okay in the end, if its not ok, it's not the end. *wink

Rediscover Raw Food said...

Total bummer of an office visit, but you're much better off than most people. You've opened your mind to the possibility (reality) that conventional medicine doesn't have all the answers, and you've put yourself out there to heal yourself. You will be well, BB!

Here in SoCal, I find that more and more doctors are opening their minds to alternatives. Our family MD recommended a neti pot for my daughter, RATHER THAN meds! He prescribed drinking more water and getting enough produce as well! Change is gonna come.

(chandelle) said...

i'd never heard of the immunofluorescent test before; i had to look it up and from several abstracts i read, it looks a relatively new process so i wouldn't be surprised if your doctor didn't know what you were talking about. i was under the impression that celiac can only be diagnosed for sure by biopsy of the lining of the intestine, to search for cilia death. if you want to be tested you'd do better to see an allergist than a dermatologist, maybe.

it seems to me that you don't want another cream or ointment, natural or not; you want a diagnosis! so you can know for sure! you don't just want another treatment! and on that, i hear ya. but biopsies and other tests are rough stuff. many families i know that have struggled with this sickness discovered it by using an elimination diet - cutting out the suspected food for a few weeks then adding it back in and watching for a reaction. if you do this, try to add it back in unadulterated - don't eat a piece of pizza or birthday cake because those could include all kinds of other offending chemicals and allergens, like dairy, sweeteners, colors, binders, and so on. try to eat some straight cooked (not sprouted) wheat and see how you do. i'd recommend staying away from gluten foods for at least two weeks and preferably longer; it can take a while for foods to flush from your system entirely. several families that i know have learned of gluten intolerance from using this method, because they didn't want to subject their small children to biopsies of one sort or another. it's worth a try! good luck! in my opinion, most people would do well to stay away from wheat whether they have an allergy or not; i don't have an allergy or intolerance but i feel much better since cutting it out when i started a raw diet a few weeks ago.

Keriann said...

bunnnnnnny! WHAT THE FUCK!
excuse my language haha! i feel your rage though. fucking doctors and fucking OINTMENTS...are you kidding me. "this isn't a cream, it's an ointment" I DON'T CARE WHAT THE FUCK IT IS, SHOVE EM BOTH UP YOUR ASS DOC!!!!!!

k, now i feel better.

love you bunny. we'll get through this together! stay raw, get as many greens in as possible!

another suggestion, which i know can be hard when life just seems rather frustrating...but try to take a step back. all the doctor appointments, and traveling, and seems to be adding up. you don't need a vacation or time away...just take an hour or two, go somewhere quiet, in the sun, lots of fresh air...and just breathe, smile, laugh, think about all that you've accomplished and all that is to come. you are a strong and very wise woman. don't underestimate the power of your mind. it could very well help your situation more than any damn ointment. try it! :)

stay positive dollface!

angela clark said...

I have been there and done that - no more MDs for me! I love traditional medicine like Traditional Chinese Acupuncture Medicine, Reiki, Healing Touch, Emotional Freedom Technique, breath work and meditation. Check some out and let us know your opinion. Most likely you won't be cussing on your way out. :) You are cute when you cuss, but Beautiful when you smile!

I am going to try the raw honey tonight on my eczema elbow and mosquito bites.

On the groceries - if people are used to shopping the perimeter of the store where coupon world doesn't reach, then yes, I think they will feel like they are spending more. However, food is vital to our life force and if we don't have strong life force, then we don't have shit. (in my opinion!)

Thank you for sharing your adventure! ~angela in iowa also doing the raw thing:

Anonymous said...

Hi Bunny,
I feel your pain, I have had extremely itchy skin since this weekend and now I have small bumps and you can see little trails of blood under my skin because I've scratched so much, I have a totally different kind of rash on my boob (itchy boob) for about the last 3 weeks. I go to urgent care today because my pcp is no longer my pcp (became a hopitalist) and they have no clue what it is. Well that's just freakin great! They put me on prednisone and cream and antibiotic but I'm about to crawl out of my skin right now. They suggested going to a dermatologist but here in lovely Tulsa. You can't get in to see one till the end of Aug-Sep. I'll probably be a pile of skin on the floor by then. So yeah...I'm just hangin out, itching around. Have you tried an allergist? I think that would be your best bet as far as getting tested. Try not to get to frustrated, maybe that was just God's way of saying "Hey, this guys a jack ass, go to someone else!"

Wendi Dee said...

Your warning was too funny!!! ROFL about going to the wrong office!!!!!!!!! ROFL

What an *ss that dermatologist was! You'll see, Beth, that the longer you are raw the more all of your physical unhealth will clear up and go away! You DEFINITELY know that veggies are what will make you better!!! Yay!!! *does a little happy dance for veggie eaters all over the world*

Lots of love to you,


RawBin said...

Bummer about the dermatologist. We put creams (water based) and ointments (oil based) on my daughter's eczema for years before we got the idea to go to an allergist. A few months of allergy shots built up her immunity and she's having much less trouble with her patches.
As for Celiac testing, the doctors did a blood test. Negative for me but I can tell within 6 hours when I've eaten something with wheat in it. The biopsy inside the intestinal lining can be done but you have to eat large quantities of gluten before to make sure your insides are good and irritated first. I just can't see myself doing that. Our allergist said that the gastro guys refuse to admit that Crohn's and Colitis could be linked to food allergies.

Anonymous said...

May I tell you a graphic story about doctors that this reminded me of? It's embarrassing, but you've been generous and brave in sharing with us.

I had a nipple problem. What? Yes, a nipple problem. One of them was very itchy and it looked like it had little cracks around it. Gross, I know. My very nice ob.gyn said "It's probably not cancer, but let's refer you to the specialist for a biopsy." Whoa! But I trust her, so I wasn't too worried about the other dr.

This other "dr" had the worst, most disregarding bedside manner I've ever seen. When I showed him the area, he said "huh!" and went to get another dr to look at it. Then came the PUNCH BIOPSY. And no, they don't punch you in the boob. That would hurt less. First they numb the area with a shor that hurts like HELL, and you're already crying because you're scared, and you make your hubby come hold your hand. Then they do something horrible that I didn't look at.

Long story short, no cancer, thank Godzilla. But when I went back for the test results and asked the OTHER doctor what I should do she said, Hmmm, I don't really know, maybe try this cream. Did the cream ever work? No! Doctors!

I feel your pain, and I'm sorry that your doctor sucked :)

Anonymous said...

Your body is guiding you. You know that fresh living foods will help you to heal and thrive.

Personally I never bothered to test for gluten intolerance. I know that when ever I drink a beer or ate something with wheat in it I would get very snorfly almost immediately and develop a noticable redness on my face around my mouth and nose.
So I just don't eat anything with gluten in it and figure it is easier than looking for allopathic medicine to validate what I already know about my body.
If your instincts are telling you that gluten is part of the problem, then trust your guidance. Besides I can't hurt to avoid it even if you aren't gluten intolerant, but it sure will cause harm to eat it if you are and don't know it.

Keep up the great work! You are doing soooo awesome.

Lisa (Pixywinks) said...

Hey Bunny
I agree. Most MDs suck ass. They are useful for some things like a broken bone, but that's about it IMO.
If you continue on the medical route, I would say get a new doc!
You are doing so great on the raw food. Just keep going. You can heal yourself.
Did you try putting some aloe vera gel on the rash? It may help.

steph said...

omg, I would have put my foot in his ass.

Lauren said...
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Lauren said...

Hi Bunny,

I have been going thru the same crap for the past 3 years with my crohn's disease. The last time I saw my doctor he told me I would have be on an IV treatment every 8 weeks for the rest of my life, including during pregnancy and breastfeeding! I went to an Osteopath and haven't went back for my IV in 3 months. My doctor hasn't even noticed that I haven't SHOWN UP! I felt like just another # to him! Grr.. this really makes me made! I would suggest seeking out an Osteopath, the one I saw also saw my mother in law and checked her for Celiac with a hair test. Your insurance may not cover it (mine doesn't!) but it's worth the money! Good luck to you!

violet said...

that redunculous ointment/creme comment reminded me of this time when i was at a friend's house {many years ago} and we were having a picnic or something. i asked if there was any animal-products in a certain dish- then after explaining what vegetarianism was to these supposedly civilized people, my friend lists the ingredients- including deceased fowl, and when i re-iterated the fact that i don't eat meat, he said:
"it's not MEAT, it's CHICKEN."
glorious imbeciles are doctors too.
screw it all, do like they did on my big fat greek wedding... put some windex on it.
or go get some acupuncture. you'll LOVE it!

Penni said...

Finally able to watch your MD (Major Dick) update. This is the reason we are all becoming so proactive with our own health. I mean MD's only have to take a one time, three hour class in nutrition to become licensed and board certified as a physician. They are well versed in treating symptoms (some are, some aren't), but they aren't about helping to actually get to the root and cure disease. If I get into a car wreck and have my arm ripped off, take me to the hospital, but pretty much other than that, I have little faith.

Glad you got that of your chest.

Loving the BunBun,

Megan said...

Oh, darlin', please tell your GP (or whoever referred you) that this guy was a total COCK and not to recommend him to anyone again.

Not all MDs are assholes, even though the anus quotient in medicine seems very high sometimes. I hope a knowledgeable, non-butthead to help you out. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Gosh, some of the language on these comments is a little vulgar here...could people please comment without cursing and using gross, potty-mouth, adjectives?

Bunny Berry said...

That last Anonymous comment was not from me, and does not reflect my views on blog comments.

You guys feel free to say whatever you want, however you want here in the comments. I'm all about self expression, and if it includes a little potty mouth now and then, so be it.

Anonymous said...

I have had a rash on my elbow for about 3 months. Tried cortisone cream, didn't work. Last week bought some cold pressed coconut oil. Use that on it and the same day it did not itch any more. It has completely vanished but it is not red and never itches.
Try some coconut oil, makes your skin feel great.