Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 55 GeekedFu- I Get No Kick From Champagne

"I'll have the mineral water, and a slice of lime, please."

I Get No Kick From Champagne

Friday night, Basil and I went to a wedding to celebrate the love of two of our dearest friends here in Anderson.  The wedding was gorgeous.  Wildflowers surrounded The Lodge at Table Rock State Park as the couple said, "I do".   It was a hot June night, but there is something to say about getting married in a fever, hotter than a pepper sprout.  At least that's what I heard once in a country song.

Basil looked especially handsome in his suit, and he stopped me and kissed me when I joked about how I felt like a pig in a blanket.  I pulled my skirt up so that he could see the Spanx shaper that I was wearing underneath.  I explained to him that the girdle helped prevent what I affectionately call "The Chub Rub" between the thighs.  If you've ever had "The Chub Rub", you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about.   

My mother swears that my Nanny Bobo wore a girdle every day of her life, despite the fact that she weighed 98 pounds soaking wet.    Nanny Bobo was much like me, and liked to wear clothes that cling to the curves.  The girdle helps to smooth the lumps and the bumps.  I learned at a young age that wearing the right undergarments is essential in certain situations.   But on this particular occasion, the combination of the humidity and the Spanx definitely screamed pig in  blanket!   Add this to the candida infection under my arms, and under my breasts, and there was a self esteem train wreck just ahead.  Cruelty, thy name is vanity. 

I stopped myself, and took a brief reprieve from the reception to step outside, and admire God's handy work.  The mountains, the lake, the trees, the rock face, they were all perfect just exactly as they were.  Standing among the beauty of nature, it was impossible to not soak in that same feeling of stillness.  I decided to fit in, and to be part of the present moment.  With the strength of the rambling vines and softness of the mountain mosses as my friends, I returned to the party a true creature of natural beauty, settled into my skin, and sipped each conversation as if it were my glass of champagne, relishing the bubbles.

Observing the party as a wonder of nature, I realized how many unnatural habits I've released from my life.  While others were drinking beer and whiskey, I stashed two bottles of mineral water behind the bar, and made friends with the bartender.   I was able to escape the heat, and sit inside watching the older couples dance because I no longer need to sit outside so I can smoke cigarettes.  I didn't have much interest in going to the after party because now that I don't rely on sleeping medication, my natural body rhythms were telling me that getting to bed would actually be more fun than staying up all night.    It felt good to realize that although there is still much work to do, I have made huge strides in my health.  Take away the Spanx and the lipstick, and I actually, for the first time, understand the meaning of being a Natural Woman (wooomaaaan!).  

We are all wonders of nature, ever evolving.  Until our last breath, we will remain works of art, perfectly imperfect, and magnificent just the way we are.    This week, let's walk in magnificence, free of the ego created obstacles that nag us about those extra pounds, or our external beauty.   The birds don't care if their feathers are blue, black, or green, they will sing a happy song, regardless.  Love yourself, and rejoice in who you are.